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Negative campaigning is one thing, lying about the opposition is another!

" “Mr. Kampf could have chosen to have received the per diem expense dollars, but he chose not to,” Cody said at the conclusion of the three-hour long hearing on Kampf’s request for an injunction against the group...."

The excerpt is from a Daily Local News article dated October 24, 2018 which can be read in it entirety here.

The same smear has been stated of Becky Corbin, the current Republican Representative during her re-election campaign. What they claim is that she was collecting HUGE amounts of money as "per diems" from the State and it was going right into her wallet. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
The expenses included:

Office rent


Constituent mailings


Turnpike tolls, office supplies

None of this is money going directly to Representative Corbin. It is payment on the costs of operations.This is the same type of compensation for every other Congressional office, Republican or Democrat. If the Democrats will lie about this, how can they be trusted on anything they say? 

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