This page is dedicated to the local Republican Candidates running for office at the current time. This is for the current West Vincent Elections and County Elections. For State and Federal Candidates, please click here.
Fall 2019

West Vincent Township Offices

Township Positions


George Dulchinos

I began my involvement in our local government seven years ago as a concerned resident challenging a development plan that was the result of a poorly thought out township decision. As I attended meetings, I discovered important aspects of sound government were absent – things like transparency, long-term planning, and fiscal responsibility.

This experience left me determined to become active in our government to encourage changes that could address these problems. ​Since then I have served as an Elected Auditor, West Vincent Planning Commission member, Open Space Review Board member and Regional Planning Representative and today, I serve as a West Vincent Township Supervisor.


We have made great progress in achieving these goals, but I need your help to go on with my work. The Municipal Election in West Vincent will be held on Tuesday, November 5th and I ask for your vote to continue our progress.


Please take a look at my comprehensive website to learn more about my participation, concerns and accomplishments.

Tax Collector

Jeff Goldberg

Hello, I'm Jeff Goldberg and I am running for Tax Collector of West Vincent Township. My background is  as follows:


A resident of West Vincent Township (Weatherstone) for the last twelve years.

A member of the West Vincent Township Open Space Advisory Board.

Treasurer the West Vincent Township Republican County Committee.

Approximately 38 years' experience  in the private sector involves in Procurement and Contract negotiation and am currently the Director of Procurement & Real Estate for a pharmaceutical services company in Blue Bell, PA. 


2 years ago, a Democrat won and quit before the first of the year, never officially taking the job or being sworn in, leaving the space vacant. I am committed to fulfilling the position for the final two years of the term.  The primary reason being is that I believe that Berkheimer has been doing a great job collecting West Vincent taxes, however, I also believe it is important for the residents to have an elected official dedicated to overseeing the actions of Berkheimer.  


In addition, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania now requires all those who hold the office of Tax Collector to be certified which requires taking a 2-day class and passing a rigorous examination.  If elected, I am committed to taking and passing that course of study at the first available opportunity.   In addition I can promise now that I will not resign my position.  I believe that if the residents of West Vincent Township put their trust in me, I will NOT let them down.


I hope I can count of your vote this November 5th.  Thank you for your anticipated support.


Maria Holderness

My name is Maria Holderness and I am running for re-election as an auditor for West Vincent Township. 6 years ago, I ran for this position to do my part to help keep township expenses down. My voting record as auditor reflects this. Previously, I worked in a CPA office for 30 years and I am now the accounting manager at Wegmans.


I’m asking for your vote once again so I may continue to serve my community. 

Chester County Offices

County Positions


Matt Holliday

Since taking office in 2016, Holliday has implemented an e-filing process for court documents, acceptance of credit cards as a form of payment in the office, he’s begun the digitizing of all the old microfilm, and he has setup a process for the staff to scan in old cases into the system so that files from the 1980s and 90s can be searchable on a database and the images are available to the public.


In an attempt to deliver on his campaign promises to be more efficient and fiscally conservative his office also closed 1,857 inactive cases that were left open by the previous administration. The county was wasting time and money (in postage) alerting the parties in cases that had not had any activity in nearly a decade.


Under Matt’s leadership, the office has improved their county website to give better instructions regarding passport applications. Additionally, more staff members were trained to provide passport assistance, which has nearly eliminated the wait time for passport-application processing.

Matt take his job seriously and is making sure the taxpayers of Chester County continue to get higher efficiency and more value for their money. Please vote for him on November 5, 2019.

Register of Wills

Terry Clark

Throughout my career in Chester County, I’ve worked as your Register of Wills, as a West Chester Area School District Board Director and, before that, in county government helping watch over your tax dollars. I’m fully invested in our community — and my actions speak louder than words!

I have earned the trust of many in Chester County through my commitment to getting the job done for our families. With you vote on November 5th, I will continue working hard to get real results for our citizens. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 5.

Recorder of Deeds

Amber Turner-Little

Amber is seeking election for the Chester County Recorder of Deeds office. Her career in public service began when she worked for former Magisterial District Judge Gwenn Knapp in her West Chester office. This is where she developed her passion for helping others. She also worked closely with the Honorable Harry Lewis during his time as a State Representative in the 74th District. In 2010, Amber started her own business as an independent contractor helping local residents gain access to legal services and navigate the legal system. She currently works as a field representative for Senator Pat Toomey.

A resident of Coatesville City, Amber has called the city home her whole life. She is a devoted wife and a mother of four children. Amber said she believes her personal experiences are what will truly set her apart as a candidate. As a child, her family faced many economic and personal struggles. At one point, she became a ward of the state, was placed into the foster system, and later became a teenage mother However, those moments have made her the strong, driven, hard-working woman she is today.

Transparency, integrity and compassion are important components of Amber’s campaign. This year will be challenging, however she is grateful for all the people she’ll meet along the way. If elected, Amber would improve the Recorder of Deeds office with her three-point plan:


  1. Enhance efforts to stop real estate and land fraud

  2. Create a fraud task force to protect our seniors

  3. Modernize the office, allowing for the ability to pay and print records online


As a fellow Chester County taxpayer and resident, Amber understands the hard work and dedication public servants give to our community and it is with this understanding, she is truly honored to serve.


Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald believes that Chester County residents are entitled to the most qualified and experienced sheriff possible.


He brings 10 years of leadership experience gleaned while on active duty in the Marine Corps, a Masters Degree in Management and over 26 years of law enforcement experience while a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is clear that Jim is the most experienced and qualified candidate. When elected, Jim will continue to protect families, preserve community, and promote life in Chester County.


As a Chester County resident for over 25 years, Jim has vowed to bring his national experience to the local community.


Andrea Cardamone

Seventeen years ago, inspired in part by the events of September 11th, I took an almost seventy percent pay cut and left my job at a large law firm in Philadelphia to become a prosecutor in Chester County. I did it because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to use the skills, the talents, and the gifts that I have been given for a greater purpose and a greater good. I want to be a judge for the same reasons.

Since I moved to Chester County in early 2002, I have spent most of my time in court. I have tried numerous jury trials and argued thousands of hearings and motions. These jury trials have included homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, aggravated assaults, and drug deliveries; but also white collar crimes such as employee thefts, financial exploitation of the elderly through the abuse of POAs, and, most recently, the abuse of office and power by a school district superintendent. I am well versed in the rules of evidence and criminal procedure, and I know the pace, the pressure and the flow of trial. I know to expect the unexpected, and to be prepared for anything.

The most important thing I have learned as a prosecutor, however, is how to exercise discretion and make difficult decisions. For every case I have taken to trial, I have investigated, prosecuted and negotiated plea agreements in hundreds of others. I have met with thousands of victims, witnesses and defendants, reviewed countless search warrant and court order applications for probable cause, and reviewed police reports to determine what charges, if any, are appropriate. I currently help coordinate the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases throughout the county. Each one of these cases and tasks demand a countless series of judgement calls and decisions. Each one of these decisions affects real lives and real people.

“The right thing . . . the right way . . . the right reason.” For the past seventeen years, these words, typed on a piece of paper, have been tacked to the wall of my office. If I am fortunate enough to be elected judge of the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, I will bring these words with me. They will be my goal: to strive every day to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.


Charles Gaza

Charles “Chuck” Gaza is running for Judge on the Court of Common Pleas for Chester County. He is a veteran of both the United States Army and the United State Air Force. He is currently the Chief of Staff for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and has over two decades of legal experience in both Civil and Criminal Courts. He is one of two candidates on the ballot for judge who was voted qualified by the Chester County Bar Association. His commitment, experience, and public service make him an outstanding candidate for judge.

For the last seven years Chuck has focused on fighting the opioid epidemic that has hit our county. In addition to overseeing the Drug and Organized Crime Unit in the District Attorney’s Office, he has worked with several community-based organizations to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic and what we can do as a community to combat it. Through the District Attorney’s Office, Chuck has worked on several projects to help reduce the number of opioid related deaths in Chester County including: working with police departments and private companies to secure funding for prescription drug drop boxes that are placed throughout Chester County, helping to secure funding for Narcan for all first responders in Chester County, and running educational programs for school students. Chuck also oversees the diversionary programs for the District Attorney’s Office. These programs identify and supervise defendants with substance abuse or mental health issues. The focus is on treating underlying mental health or substance abuse issues that lead these defendants to commit crimes. He is also a member of the Chester County Opioid Task Force.

Charles Gaza for Judge

District Attorney

As a criminal prosecutor and First Assistant District Attorney, Mike Noone has successfully handled cases – both in and out of the courtroom – involving murder, rape and sexual assault, child and elder abuse, drug distribution, theft and robbery, DUI, and more. With nearly 20 years of legal experience, Mike’s knowledge of criminal law is unmatched among the candidates and will allow him to address the legal complexities and critical issues that regularly come before the District Attorney’s Office.

Just as important as his legal experience is Mike Noone’s experience actually overseeing the administration of the Chester County District Attorney’s Office as First Assistant District Attorney for the past nearly eight years. Mike’s oversight of the $8 million budget, more than 7,000 cases annually, and 100 attorneys, detectives, and staff is what has allowed Chester County to maintain the lowest crime rate of the Philadelphia suburbs. Mike is the only candidate capable of stepping in on day one to ensure the continued, smooth operation of our prosecutor’s office.


During his time as First Assistant District Attorney, Mike Noone also helped implement important reforms that ensure fairness and justice in Chester County, including expanding diversionary programs for non-violent, non-repeat drug offenders, implementing best practices for eye-witness investigations, supporting the use of body cameras for police, and more. Mike’s commitment to reforms that make our system of justice stronger while still ensuring the safety of our citizens is the forward-thinking approach needed moving into the future.

Mike Noone

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