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This page is dedicated to the local Republican Candidates running for office at the current time. This is for the current West Vincent Elections and County Elections. For State and Federal Candidates, please click here.

Fall 2021

West Vincent Township Offices

Township Positions


Helwig Postcard Front copy.jpg
Thomas Helwig

I am running for Supervisor of West Vincent Township. 

Out of school, I became a Marine as an Naval Air Crewman, then I used the GI Bill to get an education in the aviation industry, graduating first in my class. I have been in the aviation business for 44 years including fabrication and repair, and later instruction, including designing and repair to instructor in Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, Chief Instructor at Augusta Aerospace and later chief instructor for the technical training wing of the U.A.E. military.

I have negotiated for the Unions, I have negotiated for Management. I have owned my own business, a large nightclub. All of these experiences will strongly benefit the Township and its residents.

One of the largest issues that our township faces is that of land development and its subsequent storm water management. This is a concern for many people in this township, including me and I will work to make sure we do all we can to protect the residents.

A harmonious team is a more productive team. Leaders must put their emotions aside.4 years ago, my opponents stated that a board composed of all one party was a bad thing, I agree. Noticeably I made no endorsements to put a third Republican on the board 4 years ago. Now my opponents have changed their tune and want a board of supervisors that is all one party….how’s that working out for you down in Washington? I believe that a robust dialog is essential for good government. This can only be achieved with diversity. 

Please vote for me on November 2nd.


Jeff Goldberg

I am running for the position of State Constable for West Vincent Township.  I moved to West Vincent (Weatherstone) in 2007 from New Jersey primarily for employment but for the improved quality of life as well.  I was employed by Cephalon, Inc. and then Teva Pharmaceuticals, when they purchased Cephalon in 2010, as Director of Global Procurement and worked there until 2018.


I have been endorsed by Curt Schroder, Retired State Representative for the 155th house district. (See below) I currently a Training Counselor (those who train the instructors) for the NRA holding training certifications in the following disciplines: 


·       Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun

·       Personal protection inside and outside of the home

·       Home firearms safety

·       Chief range safety officer

·       Firearms instructor for the state of Utah


“On November 2nd, West Vincent voters will have the chance to elect Jeff Goldberg, a refreshing newcomer, to the office of constable.  Jeff is a long-time resident of West Vincent who seeks to give back to his community by serving in this important local office.  Jeff is a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights and will protect the Constitutional rights of all West Vincent residents.  I have known Jeff for many years and am confident that he will serve the community with honor and fidelity.  I hope you will join me in supporting Jeff Goldberg for constable in the upcoming general election."


Curt Schroder

Retired State Representative


I hope I can count of your vote this November 2nd.  Thank you for your anticipated support.


Cindy Rota

Cindy Rota is the Republican candidate running for the Auditor position in West Vincent Twp. Cindy has been a resident of the Chester Springs community since 2011 and is heavily involved in various community groups focused on voter integrity and preserving Pennsylvanians freedoms. She is a wife and mother of a teenage son and has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years at one of Chester County’s largest employers. Cindy has held leadership roles in HR, Accounting, Internal Audit and Client Services during her career. Additionally, as a way to give back to her community, Cindy recently took on the role of President of her local HOA in which she focuses on improving the quality of life for her fellow neighbors. Serving as Auditor for West Vincent Township yet another way Cindy will aim to serve our community and our residents needs.

Please vote Cindy Rota for Auditor on November 2nd.

Judge of Elections
Fire Hall

Sharon Myer

I have lived in West Vincent Township since 1986. I am is married with 3 children. I am active in the St. Matthews USS Church and am self-employed. In the last 4 years I have built a great team of volunteers to make sure your vote counts. I am asking for your vote so we can continue to serve you in a fair, experienced and balanced way.


Please vote for me on November 2nd.

Inspector of Elections
Fire Hall

I have lived in the Township for over 2 decades and been township committees as well as the Inspector of Elections for 8 years. It's a job I love and Voter Services has stated that our precinct is known for its incredible accuracy. I would like to continue that reputation.


Please vote for me on November 2, 2021.

Suzanne Nastase

Judge of Elections

I am a 77 year resident of West Vincent Township. I am a retired Verizon splicer as well as a retired US Air Force Master Sargent serving 31 years. I have worked at the Township building polls for several years.


Please support me by voting Arthur Ewell on November 2nd.

Inspector of Elections
Twp Building

Julia Braendel

From 1980 until my permanent move to the township in 2018 I had family living in the area and always felt like West Vincent was my home base.  I graduated from Conestoga HS in 1986, worked in every aspect of the hospitality industry from 1987-2014, mortgage industry from 1991-2009, and received my real estate sales license in 2013.  I've been with Long and Foster throughout my real estate career, focusing in Chester County and the Main Line. 

I am the current Inspector of Elections and ask for you to vote for me on November 2.

Chester County Offices

County Positions

Clerk of Courts

Carmela Ciliberti

Carmela has made Chester County her home since 1989.  She attended Avon Grove High School while working at New Garden Aviation in Toughkenamon, PA.  For twenty years, Carmela was employed by FlightSafety International, the largest commercial aviation training company in the world. 


Through hard work and dedication, Carmela progressed from an entry level position to become an expert in United States’ Federal Aviation Regulations.  She managed multiple projects and teams to include developing detailed regulatory compliant training programs and electronic record keeping systems utilized across the globe by 1,500 instructors at 27 locations tracking more than 80,000 training events annually. 


Carmela’s success was a product of the teams she managed.  Carmela empowered her teams and exemplified her leadership by treating them as equals and as experts in their individual fields, all while demonstrating: Integrity, Excellence, and Service Before Self. 


While working full time for FlightSafety, Carmela attended Lancaster Bible college earning her BS in Bible Ministry.  Most recently she graduated from Villanova Law School and has been admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar.


Carmela’s professional experience of managing highly regulated records in combination with her law degree make her well suited to serve as Chester County’s Clerk of Courts.  The office of the Clerk of Courts is responsible for supervising a team of court clerks who record, maintain, and process the associated paperwork, fines, fees, and bail for roughly 6,000 criminal and juvenile cases heard annually in Chester County’s Court of Common Pleas.


Frank Speidel

Frank Speidel, MD, FACEP is a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Emergency medicine at the Medical College of Pennsylvania.  He has been certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine for 40 years.


His service to our community includes 3 years as EMS Medical Director for Chester County and 4 years as EMS Medical Director for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  His service to our country includes active duty with United States Navy as Senior Flight Surgeon with the Marines at Cherry Point North Carolina and as Senior Medical  Officer aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. He is a Gulf War Veteran and was honorably discharged from the Naval Reserves in 2005.

In addition,  Dr. Speidel has an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the Wharton School.  He has been a Chief of Emergency Medicine, a Chief Quality Officer, a Chief Medical Officer,  a Privacy Officer and a Compliance Officer,  Dr. Speidel is also the former CEO of St Luke’s Hospital at the Vintage in Houston Texas.  


Despite his traveling in service and his career, Frank Speidel has owned a home in Chester County since 1981.  His current home in Thornbury Township, he has owned since 1984.


He is honored to be married to Doreen E. Speidel since 1988 and is the proud father of Connor Speidel. Both Frank and his son Connor are graduates of Archmere Academy in Delaware.


In standing for the Office of Coroner, Dr. Speidel continues his life in service to community and country by bringing integrity, competence, leadership  and a reverent sense of duty.


Regina Mauro

Some have asked why, especially in today’s political environment, would I want to jump in and run for office. The short answer is I’ve witnessed management, considered adequate by some, to be quite deficient at times when it counted most, failing at the most basic level. It made me wonder what goes undetected, falling through the cracks behind the scenes. I couldn’t sit by and witness people with very narrow professional experience, well intended as they may be, making decisions over large, costly and complex issues while unwittingly contributing to the county’s financial challenges, further polarization, and the distress of many of its residents; I had to step in. It was time I put all the knowledge, experiences and success I’ve had for the benefit of my employers (or my family) to the benefit of my Chesco community. The Controller’s office is where I know I would contribute the most.

Please visit the website to see the accomplishments of Regina. There are far too many to list here.


Jenna Nicolas

Jennifer Nicolas has called Chester County home for over 40 years.  She was born and raised in Coatesville, PA, attending Coatesville  Catholic Elementary Schools and going on to graduate from Bishop  Shanahan High School. She moved on to Drexel University for the  collegiate years and lived off and on in Philadelphia throughout the 5  year co-op program at Drexel.    


   Once a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in  Business Administration she worked for her father in his tax practice  for every tax season. She worked and lived in Wilmington, DE to be  closer to her job. Took a trip across the country to Portland, OR and  relocating there in May of 2010 until August of 2010.  She came back  home to become managing director of a family tax practice in  Coatesville, PA. Since her father’s death she has been the primary  person running the business since 2011.    


   She is an elder of the micro church, called the Root, that primarily  meets in Lancaster county, is Secretary of the board for House of Hope  and Restoration (HHR), a non-profit for the benefit of those  affected/addicted by drugs and alcohol in the tri-county area,  Lancaster, Chester and Berks and Treasurer of Bearing Fruit, a newly  formed non-profit.    


   Her father was an immigrant from Lebanon who came to America for an  education, after he graduated from Villanova and married her mother, he  became a legal citizen. Her mother’s grandparents were immigrants from  Lebanon who settled in Chester County. 


Lou Mincarelli

The foundation of who Lou Mincarelli is starts with the values of hard work and dedication. Those core beliefs were instilled in Lou by his parents at an early age. Lou worked full time to put himself through law school at night. While studying law at Temple University, He worked as a Victim Advocate in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. In this capacity, Lou learned first-hand the effects that crime has on victims and their families.

After law school, Lou became a prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office under Lynne Abraham and was tasked to run a ground-breaking Community Court Program. This program was focused on stopping repeat offenses by mentally ill and chemically dependent criminal defendants. Lou has been on the front lines in the fight against the opioid epidemic and mental health crisis. Later, he went on to the Trial Division where Lou spent several years assigned to the Major Trials Unit prosecuting criminals for crimes which included some of the most violent and serious felonies. He personally handled hundreds of cases through bench and jury trials. Lou was honored to help protect the citizens of Pennsylvania as prosecutor.

In 2010 Lou was one of the founding partners of the firm McCullough, McLaughlin, Mincarelli, and McCloskey Attorneys at Law. He has represented clients from various backgrounds and life situations. Lou has helped some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Lou’s practice expanded to represent clients in criminal, family, and civil law. He was a child advocate in Family Court and served on Civil Arbitration Panels. As an arbitrator, Lou has had the opportunity to function in a role very similar to a Judge – making evidentiary and procedural rulings to determine the outcome of a case.

County Judge

PJ Redmond

P.J. Redmond grew up in Chester County, specifically West Goshen Township, just outside the Borough of West Chester. He continues to reside there now and has for more than twenty years with his family (his wife, Natalie,a 3rd grade public school teacher, and their two sons, Dan and Michael). He’s a hometown guy. 


He worked his way through Villanova (waitering mostly) and worked a few years at a print shop before going to law school (Villanova again) In fact all his jobs except for a summer as a hotel Porter in Ireland have been in West Chester, Chester County.  

Since law school he has worked all his lawyering life in our County Seat, West Chester (30+ years).  

P.J. was in private practice for 20 years. During those years, he handled a wide variety of cases, including representing people on both sides of disputes: Criminal- civil – Family- Juvenile cases. Just exactly the wide and varied assortment which the Court handles- not just one kind of case. 

He has longstanding experience representing the people and businesses of Chester County: Plaintiffs, Defendants, Tenants, Landlords, individuals, juveniles, the elderly, businesses owners and more.  

A dozen years ago he left private practice to represent the indigent at the Public Defender’s Office. P.J. would be the first to tell you it has been a challenging but rewarding experience being an advocate for our Chester County neighbors who have less than the comfortable means some of us are fortunate to have. He would call it enriching. When you meet him, ask him.

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